Cinco de Mayo 2016: Sour Tsunami & Churros


Celebrated cinco de mayo 2016 with some mexican food, Tecate, DABS and a funk show!


1st was White Widow clear: it hit nicely, but didn’t get a very stoned feeling off of the first dab. On to the next!

2nd was a triple sativa mix of Blue Dream, Green Coal & Jack Herer. Hit hard and hurt the lungs but caused an instant brain fog. Coughed a lot and lungs hurt for about seven minutes after taking the dab. friend remarked that this oil smelled different from the others, it was probably residual solvents which make you couch and hurt yuor lungs.

3rd was Sour Tsunami which is one of my all time favorite oils! Tastes AMAZING, is very flavorful, and is easy on the lungs. Gives a great hybrid high.

4th dab – repeat of the Sour Tsunami.

Having trouble walking, time to go to the show! All in all a great night.


Pics from the Seed Of Life show with Filibusta and Megan Hamilton at the Columbia City Theatre in Seattle: